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Download Detective K The Laborers Daughter (2014) WEB-DL Subtitle Indonesia

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Download Detective K The Laborers Daughter (2014) WEB-DL 720p Subtitle Indonesia Subtitle Indonesia | Semifilm.pw
aka jo-seon-myeong-tam-jeong: nob-eui ddal / 조선명탐정: 놉의 딸
Info: hancinema
Release Date: 11 February 2015 (South Korea)
Ratings: N/A
Stars: Kim Myeong-min (김명민), Oh Dal-soo (오달수), Lee Yeon-hee (이연희), Jo Kwan-woo (조관우)
Source: 720p.WEB-DL.H264-REALHD

Formerly known as “Detective K: The Laborer’s Daughter” (조선명탐정: 놉의 딸, jo-seon-myeong-tam-jeong: nob-eui ddal)
It’s our time to step up once more!
In the 19th year of Jeonjo’s reign, Kim Min, Joseon’s top detective, who used to be a King’s secret messenger, has been banished to a remote island for some unclear reasons. The only visitors are his old partner, Seo-pil and a young girl, who comes every day to ask him to find her younger sibling.
In the meantime, Kim Min happens to hear a rumor that bogus silver bars have been being distributed, which awakens his dormant traits as a detective.
He finally makes a bold decision to escape the island and moves on to investigate the case of bogus silver bars fully and to find the young girl’s younger sibling. Joseon’s top detective, Kim Min and Seo-pil may be the first detectives in the history, who stepped up to solve two different cases at the same time!
But Hisako, a beautiful, mysterious woman with her identity unknown, continuously interferes the investigation conducted by this excellent pair of detectives.
Kim Min and Seo-pil, the excellent pair of Joseon’s top detectives return.
“Joseon in jeopardy. Leave it in our hands!”.


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